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Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images


The Case - Destined Sports Enterprise - aimed at refining their existing product The Circuit Ring with Smart Impact iOT Technology  


Destined Sports Enterprises had a great product which lacked technical performance and proper integration.  The previous agency they worked with failed to produce a sophisticated and fully operating system.  Their business goal was to reduce the expenses related to the maintenance and support by addressing its technical problems.  With this in mind, The creators of The Circuit Ring turned to Smart Impact Technology as a company with a proven track record of successfully completed architecture optimization and code refactoring projects. 

Photo by mikkelwilliam/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mikkelwilliam/iStock / Getty Images


The application represents a versatile mobile workout tool for high octane 10 minute workouts, and embraces a set of instruments for management and monitoring.  The enhanced solution is an iOS application that guides the user of the product throughout their workout and tells them when they are off balance, recording all your data and feedback directly to your smart device.  

Smart Impact Technology's team enhanced the conception of The Circuit Ring.  This dedicated team achieved remarkable results in optimization of the application's performance and enhancement of its stability, thus, reducing system support costs for the client. 

The implemented functionality and increased system productivity assured a smooth workflow for end-users, thus, enhancing their experience and, ultimately, resulting in a more competitive stance of the client in the market.  Our cooperation is still in progress as additional functionality and features are being introduced to fully achieve all business objectives.  

Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images


The client's expectations were highly ambitious; Smart Impact Technology's dedicated team had to stabilize and optimize a highly complex application in a short sprint. 

The Smart Impact Technology Team took on this development project to the client's immense satisfaction by offering: 

-Strong and diverse technology competency supported by mature knowledge management. 

-A proactive approach to the implementation of the project including timely communication with the Client which ensured smooth technology transfer. 

-High development elasticity providing for better results in shorter times. 

During the first year of the project run, our support and maintenance engineers worked closely with the development team; Performing the database profiling, log analysis, and detecting the core reasons of errors in the testing environment