Can Using A Golf Swing Analyzer Really Improve Your Game?


Perfecting your golf swing is the key to taking your golf game to new heights.  Although we may all want to swing like Tiger Woods, no two golf swings are alike.  You can take great shots without having a beautiful swing.  All it requires is a consistent, repeatable swing.  Your golf ball will only react the way it is directed to.  Training aids, like a golf swing analyzer, can help you maintain a solid, repeatable swing to shave off stroke, score better, and increase your confidence and enjoyment on the golf course. 

All of this can happen by first honing your golf swing to perfection.  One sure way of improvement is to take professional golf lessons.  Although this option is proven very effective, it can be quite time consuming and costly. 

For most golfers, time is of the essence; therefor, utilizing a tool to practice whenever you're free or at home is incredibly convenient!  Investing in a quality Golf Swing Analyzer will not only save you time and money, it'll also supplement your training so that you may maintain good swing consistency and make learning easier.  Some swing analyzers utilize a video camera to help pinpoint where necessary adjustments to your swing form out to be made. 

With ready accessible Swing analysis, you are able to detect your form flaws, view your swing at various angles, and document your performance over an extended period of time to measure consistency.  Documenting your swings in a single device gives you the ability to compare and contrast each swing and conveniently allows for future analysis.  There are many types of golf swin analyzers.  An impact indicator is quite popular as it is easy to use. 

Practice hitting golf balls with the sweet spot of your driver and irons to develop a swing that results in shots with greater distance and power.  Another basic exercise is known as the Coin Drill, which helps promote good footwork and balance.  Deliberately train yourself to have more controlled footwork.  Simply place a coin on the top/middle of each shoe.  The coins should remain in position without ever falling off. 

Golf Swing analyzers have a lot to offer, especially when supplemented with face-to-face training.  Don't wait until the golf season is here.  Working on your game during the off-season is the perfect time to begin making improvement so that you're ready to hit the green. 

Shannon Mcgone