Face It You're Addicted To Golf


While playing golf can be frusterating at times there are many reasons to love it. Playing golf can be amazing, beautiful, and challenging.  People have been obsessed with golf for more than 500 years.  Once you try playing the game of golf, most people can't stop thinking about going back again and again.    

Golf has some of the greatest views of any sport. 

Golf tests your character as you play.  You're responsible for all mistakes. 

Playing golf encourages etiquette, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. 

Playing golf can strengthen your mind and your concentration. 

The game, unlike tennis, squash, chess, boccie and practically every other competitive joust, is not played on the same dull rectangle or board but is played across delightful varieties of open landscape. 

There is something powerful about the fact that you are totally responsible for the fate of the little white ball and that you have only one chance of hitting it correctly. 

Golf offers the supreme challenge of playing, not against an opponent, but always and only against yourself. 

Golf can strengthen your mind and concentration.  

Golf is an ideal family sport and its accessible to everyone.  Most sports are fast-paced, and players do not have the time to have any dialogue.  In golf you often have waiting periods, and if you bring your kids the time will allow you to have some quality time with them while playing. 

Its gambling personified.  You hit that one perfect shot and then spend the rest of the round trying to hit it again.  Golf can never be mastered, only enjoyed. 

And if you love the game you can also play it not only outdoor but indoors!  With the GEN i2 golf simulator coming out soon, it is easy to setup and play a round of golf in under an hour anywhere and anytime.



Shannon McgoneComment