Golf Swing Tips

Feel confident with the shots you hit.  Never overlook all the simple, yet vital golf tips you receive from your golf coaches, instructors, or reliable sources.  Get the inside scoop here on the best golf swing tips from top-rate golf professionals. If you're having problems with your swing, rely on these best proven golf tips to begin your journey towards improvement. 

Body Posture

Ensure that you're keeping proper body posture as it is key to the development and maintenance of good balance throughout your swing.  Doing so will help you achieve better results during your round of golf or practice session on the range.  Maintain your balance during your swing by keeping your knees bent.  This will enable your weight to rest in the center of your feet.  To further aid with balance, take more controlled swings.  Instead of taking an all-out swing at 100%, mentally train yourself to take a 70% swing.  This will hep you maintain rhythm, balance, and enough distance to successfully carry out your swings. 

Understanding Your Clubs

If you use 420cc or 460cc drivers, tee the golf ball higher to ensure that you're hitting the ball on the upswing.  When attempting to make a short putt, align your putter with the hole for best results.  Familiarize yourself with your golf clubs.  Learn how to optimally utilize your driver, irons, and putter.  By better understanding your clubs, you'll be able to see a dramatic increase in your performance as you begin to hit the ball farther and more accurately each time on that sweet spot. 

Clean Your Clubs

it is highly recommended that you regularly clean your golf clubs, golf club grips, golf balls, and golf swing tracker.  This can make all the difference between nailing a square shot down the middle of the fairway or having the ball land a few feet in front of you.  Dirty clubs can very easily contribute to a few extra strokes or more per round.  To determine how often you may need to clean your golf clubs depends on how often you golf. 

Keep A Tucked Elbow

Remember, your right elbow must always remain in a tucked position during your backswing and well into your finish.  Focusing on your right hand position will allow your downswing to travel the most efficient path into the ball.  Consequently, your golf swing will maintain the best club face angle and proper swing plane with net results being better ball strike and more consistent golf. 


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