Best Golf Simulators



If you love the game of golf, there is a certain awe of golf simulators - the realism of the display, the fun game modes, the convenience of playing golf anytime you want regardless of the weather outside.  With the introduction of new golf simulator technology over the past few years, accurate golf simulators are now available to the Average Joe at relatively affordable prices.  With the skyrocketing popularity of these golf packages, you might be wondering how you might put together a golf simulator package yourself.  

The GEN i2 is the First in-Home Golf Simulator that is under $300 that can setup in less than a minute and allows you to play a full round of golf in less than an hour.  Coach Labs spent two years developing a technology that has never been done before to create the World's smallest launch monitor inside of a golf ball.  What else can the GEN i2 do?  Well... Play with friends or active players on awesome courses around the world.  Learn and improve at your own pace in the privacy of your home/office.  Get professional coaching delivered 24/7 anywhere anytime!  


No matter the budget, you can tee it up with the best options the simulator realm has to offer.  On the luxury end of the spectrum resides GOLFZON's Vision.  Rather than a standard mat, a user can replicate various course conditions like fairway, rough or sand positions on a moving swing plate. 

This plate gives the user the ability to contour, producing the type of terrain that's encountered on the course.  The system's sensors capture your swing, impact and spin, not only displaying your ball flight but recording, and storing, key data points, which are stored via the cloud on various electronic devices.  We like the Vision's visual artistry, illustrating your trajectory against the backdrop of more than 160 elegant venues like St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island and Turnberry. 

For those weighing or seeking a more economical purchase, the SkyTrak might not have all the premium experiences, yet it still delivers the essentials - such as launch data and ball flight - one seeks in a simulator experience.  A user can play 18 holes on courses like Oakmont and Bethpage Black or participate in various practice modes with the purchase of an additional simulation package.  Connecting wirelessly to an Ipad, PC or TV, the launch monitor is also portable, allowing you to work on your game while you're on the go. 

And in case you need a break from golf, FullSwing has you covered.  FullSwing's 2018 line of simulators offer a package that allows the user to experience 13 other sports- such as baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey - on the same configuration.  Similar to its golf set-up, you can use your own equipment in these games, interacting with friends and family, a timer or the computer. Perfect for the golf addict that occasionally needs to appease their kids, or who wants to diversify their athletic activities.  

The P3 Pro Swing Golf Simulator has three levels of simulation and analysis offered in three distinct packages: The Pro Swing Sport, Pro Swing Claret and Pro Swing Golf Digest Simulator Analyzer. 

The Pro Swing Sport is the most basic model, offering modest analysis by way of video and a sensor that measures basic data such as clubface angle, swing path, sweet spot deviation and clubhead speed. 

The Pro Swing Sport requires a computer with Windows XP or higher and a high-end graphics card.  The Pro Swing Claret offers the Pro Swing Sport plus accessories including full virtual golf course, a putting green and an interface for the PC version of EA Sports' popular golf video game title, "Tiger Woods PGA tour." 

The price of this product ranges from $899 for the Sport model to $1,499. 

The Optishot Golf Simulator is primarily intended for home use.  This product accurately measures swing and ball flight indicators such as clubface angle, clubhead speed and face contact.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.56.14 AM.png

The product uses a sensor built into a hitting plate to measure the items previously mentioned.  The minimum PC requirements include Windows CP or higher and a high-end graphics card. 

The High Definition Golf Simulator from interactive Sports Technologies (IST) is a high-end golf simulator that is used by golf professionals, instructors and manufacturers.  

The simulator is installed in a home or indoor golf center; however, the use of a sub floor is not needed as the entire unit is bolted to the floor. 

The High Definition Golf Simulator comes in three models: the Executive, the Standard and the Championship.  Each model is a different siz, with the Executive measuring 9 feet tall, 12 feet wde and 20 feet long and the Championship measuring 11 feet tall, 15 feet wide and 20 feet long.  

IST does not advertise the price of its products, as each unit is customized for its place of installation.