GEN i2 Affordable and Portable Simulator

GEN i2 Affordable and Portable Simulator


Improve your swing with GEN i2. The World’s First Affordable and Portable Golf Simulator.

The GEN i2 Simulator comes with:

  • GEN i2 Launch Monitor

  • Professional Grade Pop Up Net

  • Multi-terrain golf mat

  • 9-axis club sensor

  • 9-axis body sensor

  • Free GEN i2 app (for both iOS & Android)

Play full rounds with friends or connect to tournaments through the app, play a full round in under an hour, or take it out on the course and get live accurate feedback during your round!

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Operating System: Android 4.3 or superior, IOS 8 or superior

Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power Consumption Communication

Environmental: Can be used outdoor or indoor (Wi-Fi or cell signal is not required)\

Dimensions: (Ball Sensor) Diameter 42.7mm, Weight 42.7g. (Putter Sensor) Diameter 30 mm, Height 10mm

Power Supply & Charging: (Ball Sensor) NA, (Putter Sensor) Micro-USB (included)

Charging Time: (Ball Sensor) NA, (Putter Sensor) 90 Minutes

Usage: (Ball Sensor) 150 hours, (Putter Sensor) 6 hours of continuous use

Firmware Update: Support via GEN i2 App