Gamer Pack

Gamer Pack

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Use the GEN i1 Gamer Pack to make your gaming experience more portable.  Play anywhere, anytime. 

The World’s First Smart Golf Ball not just for golfers! The GEN i1 will improve your putting Instantly and increase your confidence on the greens for any length putt.

GEN i1 measures initial direction, speed, impact force, and rotation. Nail your distance and direction by understanding the metrics in your stroke.

The Gamer Pack includes:

  • 1 GEN i1 Sensor Embedded Ball: 9 Axis sensor, BLE 4.0, LED light and Lithium ion battery. 
  • 1 Putter Sensor:  9 Axis sensor, BLE 4.0, LED light and Lithium ion battery. 
  • FREE  GEN i1 app (for both iOS & Android) 
  • Putter Mat
  • Detachable Putter

The Gamer Pack makes practicing putting FUN & CHALLENGING. Connect to our video game and compete with anyone – anywhere – anytime!

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Operating System: Android 4.3 or superior, IOS 8 or superior

Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power Consumption Communication

Environmental: Can be used outdoor or indoor (Wi-Fi or cell signal is not required)\

Dimensions: (Ball Sensor) Diameter 42.7mm, Weight 42.7g. (Putter Sensor) Diameter 30 mm, Height 10mm

Power Supply & Charging: (Ball Sensor) NA, (Putter Sensor) Micro-USB (included)

Charging Time: (Ball Sensor) NA, (Putter Sensor) 90 Minutes

Usage: (Ball Sensor) 150 hours, (Putter Sensor) 6 hours of continuous use

Firmware Update: Support via GEN i1 App