GEN i2 Affordable and Portable Simulator - Ships in June

GEN i2 Affordable and Portable Simulator - Ships in June


Improve your swing with GEN i2. The World’s First Affordable and Portable Golf Simulator.

The GEN i2 Simulator comes with:

  • GEN i2 Launch Monitor

  • Professional Grade Pop Up Net

  • Multi-terrain golf mat

  • 9-axis club sensor

  • 9-axis body sensor

  • Free GEN i2 app (for both iOS & Android)

Play full rounds with friends or connect to tournaments through the app, play a full round in under an hour, or take it out on the course and get live accurate feedback during your round!

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Operating System: Android 4.3 or superior, IOS 8 or superior

Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power Consumption Communication

Environmental: Can be used outdoor or indoor (Wi-Fi or cell signal is not required)\

Dimensions: (Ball Sensor) Diameter 42.7mm, Weight 42.7g. (Putter Sensor) Diameter 30 mm, Height 10mm

Power Supply & Charging: (Ball Sensor) NA, (Putter Sensor) Micro-USB (included)

Charging Time: (Ball Sensor) NA, (Putter Sensor) 90 Minutes

Usage: (Ball Sensor) 150 hours, (Putter Sensor) 6 hours of continuous use

Firmware Update: Support via GEN i2 App